Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wedding daze..

it has been a tired weekend for me..
a wedding and an engagement all in the same weekend lah..
both were my cousin..
got the time to meet all my uncle and aunts..
and of cousre the bombarded me with the million dollar questions..
and for the answer...
just a smile for them..
it was a fun weekend and here are some of the picture..

both of the picture are the nikah ceremony and bersanding on the bride side that is held in batu kikir negri sembilan...

well these are the pic of the engagement..
the girl in green is my adik sedare..
dia yang bertunang..
yang hantaran tu both dari pihak pempuan and lelaki..
then there is the pelamin..
aku tak tido buat bnde tu semalaman dengan my cousin..
tak sangke ada bakat pulok..
wawawawa =p
the groom is my cousin..
he's the brother to the girl yang bertunang..
by the way the pengapit yang pakai baju gold tu..
cousin aku jugak and the pengapit pempuan yg pakai tusung gold tu fiancee dia..
thell get married this disember..
and before them i have another cousin whos gettin married this hari raya..
giler ramai cousin aku nak kawin tahun ni..
and lupa nak bgtau wedding sebelah lelaki ni family kami buat dekat dewan yayasan selangor klang..
dekat a.c.s tu kalo sape budak klang tau lah depa kan..
and last ni gamba anak buah aku yang suke berpura2 merajuk...

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