Monday, April 20, 2009

lost and found...

its been a while since i blog anything on this side..
i've been busy actually writing for others...sampai sendiri punye laman pun dah bersemak ni..

erm..i'm not in the mood to bash anyone today actually..
i've just lost someone that i have learn to love and lived with..
i dont know what went wrong..
salah aku ker??
a question that i think would not get any answer at all...

i just want to ask a couple of questions here..

salah ker aku mengambil berat pasal dia..
salah ker aku menyayangi dia..
salah ker aku tak jambu mcm xbf dia..
salah ker kalau aku tegur perangai dia yang tak elok..
salah ker aku banyak berkorban untuk dia..

ntahlah ape nak jadi...
my final is within 1 week and shits happend to me..

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tak salah.maybe u too early to fall in love with her. =)