Wednesday, April 22, 2009

pirated stuff!!!

i'm not talking bout pirated cd's or what ever you guys are thinking of..
i'm going to talk about the good for nothing people that are pirating indie t-shirts for a quick buck..
it really piss me off..

i've just been told by a friend via text mesagges that a couple of our design has been pirated and it's been circulated or selled around town at a much higher price than we normally sell our item at..

it's really sad you know..
it's like letting your child being sold to others..
our time and efford designing those stuff really feels like a waste when this kind of things happeds..



sabo doll..
sian ko.. patut font ko kne tukar... cari yg lain sikit.

eh..mane design baju ko yg kne cetak rompak tu..~

Aku Darah Anak Melayu said...

softcopy ada kat kwn aku..
but aku tau yg mane ar..
cause aku dah jmpe bnde tu jual kat sini pon ada..