Monday, April 20, 2009


someone has said something to me about love..
come to think of it..
what she said was true..
L.O.V.E a four leter word that does not bring happiness..
for me L.O.V.E is just a four letter word use for emotional blackmail..

why did i said that..
think of it this way..
what do your boyfriend or girlfriend said if you dont buy them the stuff that they want..
or the same thing goes if you forget something...
well..let me answered i for all of you..

is it not a form of blackmail..
emotional blackmail is the exact word for it..
at the end of the day you will feel guilty and uncertain about your relationship..
that is what i have to face in my previous relationship..
it is sad..a sincere and honest intention that came from the heart is use for personal gain..
my advise for all the guys and gurls..think really hard when any of you use the word L.O.V.E...
do you really meant what you said..
i did..but lok how it turn out to be..
L.O.V.E yourself before you love someone else..


FiDA_diEN said...

if it is measured by valued things that is not love. love is something that u have to show without saying things. is it wrong to ask someone whether he love u or not when he did the opposite things? what is love if we're not certain or be sure about it? it's just a question from someone who wants to share her life with.

Aku Darah Anak Melayu said...

terpulang balik pada keikhlasan seseorang tu dalam mengungkapkan cinta..

jika hanya sebelah pihak yang mengucapkanyew dengan penuh ikhlas sedangkan sebelah pihak lagi hanya ada di situ untuk "cash in" saje..maka terbukti apa yang dikatakan bahawa cinte itu hanyalah emotional blackmail..

tetapi jika kedua2 pihak benar2 ikhals..maka L.O.V.E adalah sesuatu yang amat indah...